We design and execute solutions tailored to your needs services We design and execute solutions tailored to your needs services
organizational solutions

construction of organizational narrative of areas and projects · design and deployment of organizational culture and behavior models · implementation of programs for periodic evaluation of talent and succession periodic feedback models change management end-to-end processes of organizational restructuring organizational design · effectiveness and efficiency · accompaniment in transformation processes · fusions and acquisitions · internal communication programs and campaigns construction and monitoring of boards of directors accompaniment in collective and individual labor law


immersion workshops or experience · design and support of high performance teams · workshops for the development of specific skills executive development programs (EDP) advice and support to top management in managerial transition processes · recruitment and selection · design of individual and collective development programs conferences and master classes intensive development or change management programs (boot camps) executive evaluation adaptation process organization-position-person position and team design compensation and incentive models upskilling reskilling outskilling

training solutions

design and implementation of generic and specific learning management systems (LMS) · in-company programs · degrees master's degrees and certifications specialized curriculum design positive leadership and conscious leadership programs

Diversity and inclusion

holistic diversity and inclusion programs programs to raise awareness and eliminate unconscious biases mobility and physical access programs · development of inclusion models for LGBT+ people · programs for evaluating and solving barriers to inclusion due to gender and disability

labor Relations

work environment assessment sociometry union management job transition management of collective contracts labor and union adjustment plans design and execution of strategic labor plan · job training for management and middle management · union strengthening plans management of trade union conflicts

wellness solutions

organizational wellness programs · programs and monitoring of social and psychosocial risks · design and implementation of benefit programs individual or team interventions conscious leadership positive leadership occupational health and industrial safety development of corporate and employee social responsibility models

technological and design solutions

development and implementation of open source platforms · design of ad-hoc applications, branding and audiovisual production · digital campaigns · digital marketing

coaching, mentoring and accompaniment

executive, ontological and skills development coaching (individual or group) · Coaching specialized in mentoring for upper and middle management

ad hoc programs

executive development program (EDP) high-potential employee acceleration program workplace wellness program integration and motivation sessions · conferences · public speaking and selling vision