deep discovery

integral methodology of organizational diagnosis

· Quantitative analysis

· Qualitative discovery with Focus Groups and in-depth interviews.

· Market analysis and trends.

· Deep Dive sessions with management teams.

executive development program (edp)

An individual immersion or in groups of 5 people that seeks to capitalize on strengths to close the gap of opportunities.

· 12 hours of accompaniment work adapted to individual needs

· 3 days of individual immersion with activities to review the internal and external jurisdiction

Inspire workshop: build, disseminate and sell the vision

Create and track individual success indicators

systemic understanding

Comprehensive organizational analysis.

Based on Analytics, Big Data and sociological research; We identify patterns, interactions and events to forecast and prepare for the future

employee value proposition

The Employee Value Proposal is an ecosystem of support, recognition and integrated values that the company offers to employees so that they can and want to achieve their maximum potential at work.

· Evaluation of current PVE: Compensation, benefits, development, culture, infrastructure, tools, etc.
· Interviews and analysis
· Design key components of PVE
· Manuals and amplification strategy.
· Analysis of results

narrative, culture and change management

A living common narrative cements the culture and amplifies the impact of companies.

design thinking
Communication and endomarketing program
Deep business sense
Cultural awareness and adaptation through playful experiences

conscientious and positive leadership

Leadership competency assessments
· Role definitions, archetypes and cultural alignment
Creation of amplification spaces
Personalized follow-up with coaching and mentoring
Implementation and growth projects

wellness culture

Comprehensive wellness diagnosis
· Awareness and communication
Definition of prevention and psychosocial care policies (NOM 035)
Integration of existing corporate benefits
· Multidimensional structure (Physical, mental, emotional, social, financial well-being, etc.)

curriculum and training design

Two of the most important learning entities through virtual content platforms in Latin America are part of the network.

· Creation of platforms "in company", complementary or base.
· Design and deployment of training ad-hoc to organizational needs.
· On-boarding programs and development of knowledge and skills.
· INskilling, UPskilling, REskilling and OUTskilling.
· Programs for employees and their beneficiaries.

organizational archetypes

Specialized methodology for organizational design that determines basic, adaptable and repetitive cells that operate in agile, differentiated and harmonic models, which serve as a base or unit for the construction of complex and integral models.

inclusion with value

Integrated programs of inclusion, cultural adoption of diversity, elimination of barriers and organizational reputation.

immersive development and leadership experiences

A modular portfolio of more than 50 different face-to-face, virtual or hybrid experiences for teams of all levels that allow:

· Determine the narrative of individuals and build a common one.
· Apply high-performance tools for individual groups or teams that require teamwork.
· Apply organizational diagnostic tools through fun and impact experiences.
· Generate safe spaces for the solution of organizational needs.
· Adoption of behaviors aligned to the culture.
· Team integration.

people analytics

We use the power of Human Capital analytics to deep understand and develop solutions that include:

· Attraction and retention
· Culture
· Effectiveness and efficiency